PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – On Jan. 14, Calvert County Sheriff’s Office units responded to the Subway in Dunkirk, MD for the reported armed robbery.  Detectives determined similar robberies occurred at a Subway in King George Virginia a week prior.  During the weeks following these two robberies, a Subway in Anne Arundel County, the Shell Station at the intersection of Dares Beach Road and Rout 4 in Prince Frederick, the Subway in Dunkirk (second robbery), the Subway in King George (second robbery), and two additional Subways in Charles County were robbed.

During the investigation of the second armed robbery in Charles County, the suspect exited and returned to a black Toyota 4 door sedan. The description of this vehicle was shared among local law enforcement.

The Criminal Investigations Bureau planned and coordinated robbery saturation patrols in an effort to catch the armed robber. At the direction of Sheriff Evans, the saturation patrols were to remain in effect until the robberies stopped. Sheriff Evans and detectives visited several businesses and assured them the recent robberies were a top priority. Law enforcement personnel kept in contact with business owners and increased presence in areas the perpetrator was likely to target.

On Feb. 18, an armed robbery occurred at the Subway located at 2112 Crain Highway. Charles County Sheriff’s Officers located the black Toyota 4 door, from the robbery on Feb. 16 Units conducted a traffic stop and made contact with the operator identifying him as Otis Scorpio Williams, a black male born 6/11/84. Officers took Williams into custody and recovered evidence linking him to the Subway robberies.

Detectives Jernigan, Hawkins, and Livingston worked with Charles County detectives to solidify and close the Calvert County robberies. Detectives applied for charges on Otis Scorpio Williams and warrants were issued charging him with both armed robberies at the Subway in Dunkirk and the armed robbery of the Dares Beach Road Shell. Williams is currently being held at the Charles County Detention Center.  Sheriff Evans said “These robberies were spread out over several counties in Maryland and Virginia. I am extremely pleased to see the suspect was apprehended without incident and without anyone getting hurt. This is just another example of the outstanding job that the detectives of the Criminal Investigations Bureau do with communicating with surrounding jurisdictions and coordinating that information through the Southern Maryland Information Center (SMIC). The safety of Calvert County citizens will always be my staff’s top priority.”

WALDORF, Md. – Between Feb. 11 and Feb. 18, three Subway restaurants in Charles County were robbed by a masked gunman. Feb. 18, Pfc. J. Foster observed the suspect vehicle described in the robberies and conducted a traffic stop. The sole occupant of the vehicle was taken into custody. A search warrant was obtained for the vehicle and evidence from the robberies was recovered.

Otis Scorpio Williams, 33, of Lexington Park, was arrested and charged with three counts each of armed robbery, robbery, first degree assault, and theft. At this point, Williams has only been charged in connection with the Charles County cases; however, he is suspected in a total of nine armed robberies of Subway restaurants in the Southern Maryland region and in King George, Virginia. Detective R. Johnson investigated.