Near 9:30 p.m. Wednesday a strong-armed robbery was reported in Lexington Park. Callers told police a purse was ripped from a woman’s hand outside the movie theater near FDR Drive.

Citizens watched the suspects flee the scene and followed them at a distance until police arrived, witnesses tell The Bay Net.

Police arrived at Missouri Drive in Lexington Park and apprehended one of the suspects, and a second man fled into the nearby woods.

Additional police arrived and a crime scene was set up. Additional spectators also gathered in and around the crime scene, numbering up to 30 at the peak.

Some in the crowd taunted police and shouted vulgarities, according to witnesses. As additional officers arrived, including K9 units, police continually ordered the crowd to disperse.

A woman was bitten by a police dog after she ignored orders and approached a K9 officer swinging in an aggressive manner, witnesses say. Tahetia J Parker, 18, was taken to St. Mary’s hospital and later taken into police custody.

Another female in the crowd was also arrested after ignoring police orders to clear the area. Lakeisha Kelson, 21, was arrested after she was told to leave and returned minutes later with several additional spectators.

Police did not locate the second robbery suspect as of late Wednesday night.