A request from a developer to transfer 20 water and sewer taps from one planned residential development site to another, and have the fees waived for an additional two commercial units was approved by the North Beach Town Council.

The request for the actions had been submitted by Van Metre Companies’ Group President Roy R. Barnett Tuesday, Nov. 8. During the Thursday, Nov. 10 town council meeting, North Beach Mayor Mark Frazer urged the council to grant the request.

“I think it’s the fair thing to do,” said Frazer.

The mayor explained the Burke, VA-based company paid $486,000 for 32 water and sewer connections (taps) for a multifamily condominium development it had planned to build in the bayside town at Bay Avenue and 3rd Street. Town officials had approved the site plan for the 32-unit development. However, that plan proved to be a victim of the global economic crisis. Van Metre has since modified its plans for developing that site and another parcel on Bay Avenue north of 5th Street.

The latter development is called North Beach Resort, Phase 1. The former property will consist of 12 townhomes.

“The approved development plan for North Beach Resort, Phase 1 includes nine fee-simple residential townhomes, 12 residential multifamily condominium units and two commercial condominium units,” Barnett stated in his letter. 

The two commercial units to be contained in North Beach Resorts, Phase 1 were recommended by the North Beach Planning Commission and Economic Development Committee.

“Five or six years ago they [Van Metre] had some grand designs,” said Frazer. “The Town of North Beach is fortunate to have someone the quality of Van Metre. This would be a small gesture on the part of the town to move this project forward.”

Town Treasurer Joanne Hunt pointed out that Van Metre has been paying $27,000 annually while the development of their property has been held in abeyance.