On April 5, Deputy M Boyer was patrolling the area of Great Mills Road and FDR Blvd in Lexington Park.  Deputy Boyer observed a male walking. The male was wearing dark clothing with a hooded sweatshirt with the hood of the sweat shirt pulled over his head concealing his face.  The area, which the male was walking, is a known drug and prostitution area.

When Deputy Boyer made contact with the male, he noticed a female crouched down between two parked vehicles.  The female was directed to step from between the vehicles.  The male was identified as Justin Michael Martin, 19 of Lexington Park.  For his safety Deputy Boyer asked the subject if he was concealing any weapons.  Martin had a Butterfly Knife concealed upon his person.  Butterfly knives are illegal to conceal and carry in Maryland. 

Martin was arrested and charged with carrying a concealed dangerous weapon.  The woman was identified, checked for warrants and sent on her way.