Charles County Sheriff Rex W. Coffey said CCSO officers will be out this St. Patrick’s Day conducting saturation patrols looking for impaired drivers.

Across the nation, St. Patrick’s Day has become a popular night out to celebrate with friends and family. Unfortunately, due to the large volume of drunk drivers, the night out has also become very dangerous. “We ask that if you’re planning to go out, simply designate a sober driver,” said Sheriff Coffey.

Although recent nationwide statistics are not available yet, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics show that in 2009, nationwide, there were 103 crash fatalities on St. Patrick’s Day. Out of that number, 47 people were killed in traffic crashes that involved a driver with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher.

The Charles County Sheriff’s Office recommends the following easy steps, for a safe St. Patrick’s Day:



  • Plan a safe way home before the festivities begin;
  • Before drinking, please designate a sober driver and leave your car keys at home;
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