On Nov. 5, four Lexington Park men were sitting in a 1997 Ford Expedition in a neighborhood of Lexington Park amidst an array of cocaine and several thousands of dollars in cash when police officers approached their vehicle.


The officers had been alerted by a report of a suspicious vehicle. As officers approached they could observe cocaine and related paraphernalia inside the vehicle, police say. Additional officers arrived on the scene and the driver, Thomas Lionel Wills, exited the vehicle. As Wills got out of the car the front seat passenger made a run for it, fleeing on foot towards nearby woods.


Officers chased the passenger, Tavoy Kelly Somerville, in an adjacent wooded area, who police say threw away cocaine as he ran. After a struggle Somerville was arrested and officers recovered the discarded cocaine.


Inside the vehicle, officers uncovered quantities of cocaine and nearly $7,800.00 in cash. Wills and Somerville were charged with possession of cocaine, as were the two additional occupants, Joseph William Medley Jr., 47, and Russell Allen Randall, 24, both of Lexington Park.


When an additional search warrant was obtained officers combed the seized vehicle and found an additional hidden stash of cocaine with a street value of about $3,000.00 The four suspects face additional charges pending a State’s Attorney’s Office case review.