A victim on Old Bayside Road in Chesapeake Beach called to report a burglary on March 4 at 10:50 a.m.

Dep. B. Wendland of the Calvert Sheriff’s Office responded and spoke with the victim who stated that an acquaintance of hers, Frederick E. Donahue, 45, of Chesapeake Beach, banged on her front door several times.

The victim stated it appeared to her that he was intoxicated. Donahue asked the victim if he could have some money. She told him no and shut the door.

She left the room and upon returning, found Donahue standing in her foyer with the front door open. Donahue yelled obscenities at her and left the property.

Another victim on the same street reported the same occurrences with Donahue, that he knocked on her door asking for money. He attempted to gain entry by leaning on the door but the second victim was able to close and lock the door before he entered.

Both victims indicated that Donahue did not have permission to be inside their homes.

Dep. Wendland and Dfc. J.M. McCarroll responded to Donahue’s home and arrested him for burglary. A search incident to arrest revealed a small bag of suspected marijuana. Donahue was also charged with possession of marijuana.