vehicle accident
vehicle accident

HUNTINGTOWN, Md. – On Wednesday, August 3, 2022, Box 707 was dispatched for a House Fire on Patuxent Ave. in Broomes Island. This assignment brought unit responses from the Dunkirk VFD of Truck 5, Chief S, and the Assistant Chief from Company 5.

While responding to the Box Assignment that is listed above, the Assistant Fire Chief was involved in a motor vehicle collision at the intersection of Southern Maryland Blvd, and Solomons Island Road (Route 2/4 Split).

The collision left a civilian vehicle overturned with damage consistent with the impact and its route of travel post-collision. The Dunkirk Volunteer Fire Department vehicle, which was being operated by the Assistant Fire Chief, remained upright and also sustained damage consistent with the impact and its route of travel.

The occupants of both vehicles involved were able to self-extricate and were transported to the appropriate medical facilities for further evaluation and treatment.

Chief 5 called for the helicopter due to mechanism and out of an abundance of caution for an occupant in the civilian vehicle. The Calvert County Sheriff’s Department is the investigating law enforcement agency, and they have the full cooperation from the Executive Officers and Accident Review Board of the Dunkirk VFD along with the Calvert County Safety Review Committee.

As always, the Dunkirk VFD keeps the delivery of emergency services to our citizens and visitors as our priority. We operate with complete transparency and will rely on the entities listed above to determine all of the facts surrounding the collision.

This includes the principal causes of why the collision happened, how the collision happened and any mitigating factors that may have contributed to the incident.

This process will afford the Dunkirk VFD to make any necessary changes to department policies, procedures, and equipment should there be any.

The Dunkirk Volunteer Fire Department believes that the prompt investigation of the collision by additional agencies is a proper risk management practice which results in fair and impartial results along with providing any insight in the prevention of collisions of similar nature, should any arise.

All of our emergency drivers go through an extensive and lengthy process which includes being certified in Emergency Vehicle Operators Course, being vetted by our leadership & insurance company annually, and periodic refreshers with training.

The Dunkirk Volunteer Fire Department wishes a speedy recovery to those involved.

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