France is an amazing country decked with beauty and wonder. A lot of people desire to pay a visit here. But, the only trouble with international travel is that if you forget a single thing, then it gets very hard for you to get it. Hence, being prepared is the key to ensure that you make the perfect trip. Keeping all these things in mind, here are some essentials which you may need while travelling to France.


Your passport is something which you cannot really forget. You will not be able to leave your nation without it. Usually a passport is good for 10 years and it may take some time to get it renewed. Ensure that your passport is valid and will be till the time you want to stay in France.

Tickets and reservation

Obviously the next important thing on the list is your ticket and reservation. If you are in the UK, you have other options to come to France, say ferry or train. Remember to book your hotel in advance, especially if you are going to Paris as you may not find accommodation so easily here.

Car insurance (in case you are driving)

If you are driving from your car then you need to have a national car insurance certificate. So make sure that your insurance company covers your abroad accidents too. If you are travelling to France from a non-European nation, then you should have a green card.

Currency, charger etc

It is important to have some French currency i.e. Euro in your pocket. And along with some Euros, you should also have a travel adaptor and a map. You have a plethora of guide apps, and tour maps available. Make sure you download one.


If you are a European in Europe, then having an EHIC is very important when you talk about emergency health care. It is state funded and helps in saving a lot of money which may befall on you. EHIC plays a vital role especially when you are going for extreme sports like skiing, rock climbing or snowboarding.

Adventurous stuff

And, no matter if you are going to check out Louvre or want to relax on the beach of Biarritz, having some adventure accessories is a must. So, whatever your final plans are, make your final preparations accordingly and make sure you carry it out. Pack your bags and pen down your itinerary and get ready to travel to France.


With everything decided, the last thing which you want to do when exploring France is fall sick. Hence, it is important to keep medications for headaches, diarrhea, hay fever etc. which you may need normally. Well it is a good idea to stock it up before you leave. Though you may not need it in the end, but it is better to bring it back rather than look out for a foreign pharmacy.

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