At the September 28, 2017 Board of Education meeting, Prismatic Services, Inc., presented the findings of the Department of Transportation audit that was contracted jointly by Calvert County Public Schools and the Board of County Commissioners.
Dr. Daniel D. Curry, the Superintendent, said, “We contracted with an outside agency for a fresh perspective. We expected recommendations for areas in need of improvement, and we are ready to move forward.”

In completing the root cause analysis for the project, Prismatic, Inc., identified three underlying themes for improvement: simplification, compliance, and competition.

The consultants made twenty-four recommendations regarding these three areas. Recommendations include simplifying the school bus contractor payment formula, using automated routing and GPS software to develop mileage counts for each route, developing a set of optimized routes, and developing a performance appraisal system for school bus contractors.

The Department of Transportation was commended for performance in three areas: maintenance of comprehensive bus records, fuel tax reimbursement procedures, and ensuring that bus assistants have the necessary information to support students with special needs.

The full report is available on the school district website under Board Meeting Information on the Board of Education tab.