Same-sex marriage has been legally recognized in Maryland since January 1, 2013 and rightfully so, because it is every human’s right to love who they want to love.

The term “gay” has been turned into a slang word for something considered stupid or wrong when the actual definition is “happy.” How did our nation come to something so hateful?

Members of many different religions believe that acting on gay tendencies is morally wrong. People who are gay, lesbian, transgender, etc. don’t wake up with a choice. If God made all kinds, then He created these people as well—just as they are.

If you were not legally allowed at the deathbed of your husband or wife, because you weren’t legally recognized as family in a hospital, it would tear you apart. Homosexual couples deserve the right to be with their loved ones, family, during any event that is important in life and in death.

Marriage can be a wonderful thing. It’s a way for two people to express their love. Who are we to say that two consenting adults cannot say “I do” because we don’t understand how it feels to be like them?

Homophobia has turned up a lot of fear and violence, when the gay community is trying to express love. No H8TE became a popular hashtag for a reason.

This is a civil rights issue¬—a basic human right to pursue happiness. And not so ironically, that’s exactly what gay means.