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ANNAPOLIS, Md.—Governor Larry Hogan today encouraged all Marylanders to celebrate the state’s frontline medical workers as he issued an official proclamation designating Feb. 7-13, 2022 as Healthcare Heroes Appreciation Week in Maryland.

“Even as we move on from the 30-day state of emergency, our public health response continues, as does the tireless work of our healthcare heroes,” said Governor Hogan. “Whether it’s our doctors, nurses, and EMTs, or the clinical staff at our testing and vaccination sites, we owe a profound debt of gratitude to our frontline medical workers. I call on all Marylanders to take time out next week to do something to show your support and appreciation for our healthcare heroes.”

Maryland continues to report substantial declines in key health metrics. COVID-19 hospitalizations have now dropped under 1,400, for an overall decline of 60% since peaking last month. The COVID-19 positivity rate has dropped below 7%, for an overall decline of 77% since peaking last month. Maryland also continues to report the lowest case rate of any state.

As part of this appreciation week, the governor’s office will be collecting stories to salute Maryland’s healthcare heroes. Visit to submit a story of a healthcare hero you know.

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  1. Hey Larry –

    Are we allowed to celebrate the unvaxxed healthcare heroes and first responders too? You know, the ones that were hero’s during the pandemic on Thursday, and then on Friday when Xiden’s illegal mandates kicked in, were treated like Osama Bin Laden???


    1. So I, one of the vaccinated healthcare workers, who has been doing nothing but overtime since the start of this thing 2 years ago, and has worked tirelessly and thanklessly while my vaccinated colleagues got a free unemployment and vacation, should be celebrated less?

      Take the politics out of medicine. It’s getting really tiresome. If you’re in medicine, you understand there’s a science behind it. You understand that you’re exposed to things. You get vaccinations against HepB, Polio, all sorts of things…but this one is somehow different because Orange Man told me so? Please. Read up on the Spanish Flu and see how that went when your ancestors actually did quarantine, did take vaccinate, and did get through it quicker.

      1. Thank You Thank You Thank You! I appreciate you and all the efforts of you and your co-workers! Stay safe. Stay healthy.

      2. Imagine being two years into this “pandemic” and still thinking the “vaccine” works. Tell me, how many breakthrough polio cases have their been?

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