ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Today, Governor Larry Hogan presented the Certificate of Ascertainment for Maryland’s ten electors as they convened to officially vote for president and vice president of the United States.

Following are the governor’s remarks, as prepared for delivery:

“Good afternoon, and thank you all for being here.

“I want to thank Secretary of State John Wobensmith, Jared Demaris of the State Board of Elections, and all of our distinguished Maryland electors. And I want to especially welcome all of the young people who are watching this great civics lesson and witnessing our democracy in action.

“Today, for the 59th time in our history, members of the Electoral College are gathering in state capitals across America to cast their votes for president and vice president of the United States.

“Maryland has the distinction of being one of just six states that has participated in every single one of these solemn occasions since 1789, when George Washington became our nation’s very first president.

“Of course, General Washington resigned his commission as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army right downstairs in our Old Senate Chamber in this very State House, which served as the first capital of the United States after we ratified the Treaty of Paris right here, ending the Revolutionary War.

“But it was even before that, in 1776, when Maryland adopted the Electoral College for the election of our state senators. In the Federalist Papers, Alexander Hamilton cited Maryland’s Electoral College model as a basis for the system which was adopted by our Founding Fathers.

“Here in Maryland, these constitutional votes have always been documented in what we lovingly refer to as the ‘Old Book,’ which has been brought here today by the Maryland State Archives.

“The State of Maryland has 10 total electoral votes. Our electors are required to meet here in this State House, and they are required to take an oath and then to officially cast their votes for the candidates who received a majority of the votes in the great State of Maryland.

“After your vote is taken and this meeting is adjourned, as governor of Maryland, my responsibility is to officially declare and certify the winning votes of our state’s electors by executing seven Certificates of Ascertainment under the seal of our great state.

“The official electoral votes will be sealed and delivered to the president of the United States Senate, who is also the vice president of the United States. Vice President Pence will then open them and read them before both houses of Congress on January 6, 2021.

“A total of 538 electoral votes are being cast all across the nation, and of course a minimum of 270 electoral votes are required to officially elect a president and vice president.

“The peaceful transition of power that we formally take part in here today is a hallmark of our democracy that has been handed down for more than 220 years.

“At times, it has been tested and even questioned, but it is a reminder that despite our differences, we are united as Americans who honor the will of the people through the greatest and most enduring democratic process that the world has ever known.

“Thank you for playing an important role in that process.”