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Halloween party animals will love some of these games

Broomes Island, MD – Halloween is supposed to be a happy occasion. Childhood memories of dressing up and trick-or-treating remain in our minds and hearts forever. Grownups also love this holiday.

Halloween parties, if planned well, demonstrate the fun doesn’t have to stop when childhood becomes a distant memory. The costumes, the food, even the music put some spirit in this occasion, which is all about spirits. Parties are also a great occasion for playing unusual games.

There are some Halloween party games that are strictly for children. Lyndsey Matthews and Taylor Murphy wrote a story recently published in Good Housekeeping listing several games for kids’ Halloween parties. The games include “Frankenstein Bowling,” which calls for party organizers to “paint faces on cans, and then stack the scary (okay, more like cute) dudes to see how many you are able to knock down in one shot.” Another game Matthews and Murphy found is called “Eight-Legged Cornhole.” To play this game, the writers recommended you “Swap out traditional cornhole beanbags for fluffy, colorful spiders, and decorate your board with a spider web detail.” There is also the “Mummy Relay Race. Divide kids into groups of two and have one wrap the other up like a mummy as quickly as possible and whichever team’s mummy runs to the finish line first wins.”

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A news features web site, bustle.com, noted in a story written by Sadie L. Trombetta that for Halloween parties for slightly older attendees, “we just need something a little more grown up than ghost pinatas. Though it will take more planning than your average party game, a murder mystery dinner is the perfect entertainment for a Halloween party. The basic setup is this: everyone gets assigned a role when they arrive at the party, and throughout the dinner, guests must guess who is the murderer, and who is the next victim. From the traditional, ‘Clue’ type set up to a ‘Pretty Little Liars ‘theme, your options are endless, so have fun with it!”

One of the better compilations of Halloween party games was packaged by the editors of Reader’s Digest. Their list of party games included:
“Identify What You Feel”: This is everybody’s favorite game from childhood. Line up five opaque plastic dishes and cover them all with a black cloth. Let each guest stick a hand in each dish, under the cloth so that the contents can’t be seen, and try to guess what it really is. You can tell the guest that the first dish holds eyeballs (really peeled grapes) and see what he or she guesses. The second dish is said to hold brains (damp coarse sponge). The third is said to hold veins (cold, cooked spaghetti). The fourth is said to hold cut-off fingers (cocktail sausages) and the fifth to hold skin (pieces of a soft flour tortilla). The person who guesses the most actual contents wins.”

Apples have always played a significant role in Halloween parties—remember “bobbing for apples?” Reader’s Digest recommends giving “Apple Pass” a try. Here’s how it works. “Divide guests into teams and line each team up. The first in line for each team is given an apple under his or her chin. Without using any hands, the apple must be passed to under the second team member’s chin and from that chin to the next until all the members of the team have held the apple. If the apple drops, it must start at the beginning again. The first team to successfully pass the apple down its row of members wins.”

In a news web site called Verywell.com, Jennifer O’Donnell wrote about a Halloween Party game that kids might enjoy—“The Ghost and The Witch: One child is a witch and must leave the room. The other children sit on the floor in a circle. Give one of the children a paper ghost, and have them hide the ghost somewhere in their costume, such as in a pocket, under a hat, etc. The witch must try to figure out where the ghost is. The closer the witch gets to the ghost, the louder the children moan like ghosts. Have the children take turns being the witch and the ghost.”

As for mature adults who consume some “spirits” at their Halloween parties, the web site called The Tab featured a story written by Lydia Murtezaoglu and Jess Rayner that recommends as one option, “Zombie, Witch, Ghost.” It’s described as “a quick game to get people drinking that involves three actions and optional sound effects of your choice for the three characters: Zombie (arms out in front of you), Witch (pointed hands on top of your head) and Ghost (wavy arms by your sides and wiggling and all with appropriate noises!). The game master shouts one, two, three and on the count of three you become one of the three characters, the character with the most amount of people playing it loses and has to drink.

Repeat frequently for further intoxication.”
It is always recommended that at adult Halloween parties, their always be a “designated driver,” perhaps a super action hero or a nun.

Be safe this Halloween! Enjoy the party and the games that go with them!

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