Hogan Administration Announces Distribution Of State Surplus Vehicles To Deserving Families
Hogan Administration Announces Distribution Of State Surplus Vehicles To Deserving Families

ANNAPOLIS, Md.—Lt. Governor Boyd K. Rutherford today announced the distribution of six previously state-owned vehicles to six deserving Maryland families in need in the Baltimore area. He was joined for the announcement by Secretary Ellington E. Churchill of the Maryland Department of General Services (DGS), Secretary Tiffany Robinson of the Department of Labor, Secretary Robert Green of the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, and Vehicles for Change President Marty Schwartz.

“Thanks to the partnership between DGS and Vehicles for Change, the vehicles will provide these Baltimore families better access to work, school, recreational sports, and their loved ones,” said Lt. Governor Rutherford. “Transportation plays a major role in the quality of life of all Marylanders, and our administration is dedicated to providing the support needed for our local families to succeed.”

Each year, the state retires hundreds of service and fleet vehicles with many of them sent off to auction. In 2021, Governor Larry Hogan directed DGS to transfer retired state vehicles to Vehicles for Change, an organization focused on offering reliable transportation to Maryland and Virginia working families. With support from DGS, Vehicles for Change provides these vehicles to families in need at a significantly reduced rate, often less than $1,000. The six vehicles being distributed today are coming from various state agencies.

“Today’s donation was made possible because of the state’s focused outreach and network-building to community organizations across the state,” said Secretary Churchill. “DGS is proud of our partnership with Vehicles for Change, and continues to explore additional ways to help Maryland families and communities.”

Founded in 1999, Vehicles for Change has awarded over 7,500 cars and has changed the lives of over 24,000 individuals through its car ownership program. Through the program, 75% of car recipients increase their earnings by $7,000. Recipients also reduce their average commute time by 120 minutes, allowing them more time to spend with family.

“Vehicles for Change is extremely grateful to Governor Hogan, Secretary Churchill, and his team for making mobility possible for six amazing Maryland families,” said Vehicles for Change President Marty Schwartz. “We know how impactful a car is for a family living in poverty. We look forward to this partnership and providing hundreds of Maryland families access to life through car ownership.”

Vehicles for Change works with a number of state agencies including the Departments of Labor, Human Services, Public Safety and Correctional Services, and DGS. The Department of Labor is a work development partner and helps with funding training, Human Services provides funds for auto parts, and Public Safety and Correctional Services helps find individuals who are willing to participate in the Full Circle Auto Repair and Training Program.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful program. I’ve never heard of it before. For future reference, how does one apply for one of the vehicles and what is the criteria?

  2. They don’t havd that program in Montgomery County.i need a car to take my grandchildren back and forth to daycare,and take my daughter back and forth to work.i wish I could get a car from this organization .

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