Hollywood VFD Annual Carnival Postponed

HOLLYWOOD, Md. – On Sunday July 17th, the Department held a special meeting to discuss the status of our Annual Carnival. In attendance along with the Members of Hollywood VFD were the Hollywood VFD Ladies Auxiliary and Sheriff Cameron of the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office.

The goal of this meeting was to decide if the Department would be moving forward with our Annual Carnival or canceling for this year.

After a lengthy discussion from Members of the Department, Ladies Auxiliary Members, and Sheriff Cameron, it was decided that the Carnival will continue this year however, it will be postponed for a date to be determined in the near future. Over the next several weeks, the Department will be working with several agencies to develop and implement additional protocols to enhance safety to all that attend and work the Carnival.

Once those protocols have been developed, the Department will announce when the Carnival will re-open.

Our number one goal for re-opening our Carnival is the Safety of our Guest, our Families, and our Members. We want everyone that attends our Carnival not to worry about anything, enjoy time with their families, and making memories as we all did as kids attending the Hollywood VFD Carnival.

We ask that you please remain patient, as our Members and our Families are still decompressing after the tragic event that took place Friday night.

We understand that this is an extremely emotional time in our community and want to make the best decisions for everyone involved, from our community members to our department members and families.

We wish to send our condolences and sympathy to all that have been affected by this tragedy. We also want to thank everyone in our community for your continued support of our Department and Members.


Members of the Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department

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  1. Great show them thugs you can’t keep a good old boy down we will over come and still strive on I’ve been going to this carnival for 40 some years year after year and my kids want to still make ther memories there too

  2. Well I think this is really so sad of what happened to the community I really hope that you all open it back up soon so I say good luck and hope this never ever happens again again this is very sad

  3. This is so sad, I grew up here in the 90s and never do I remember any of this happening in Hollywood or California. The carnivals and fair were always some of the best events of the county. Im so sorry for the families involved. What’s happening to the area is ridiculous. Need a new plan.

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