Home Tweet Home, a charming outdoor exhibit of artistically decorated birdhouses will open February 14, 2012 at Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center in Solomons, Maryland.  Some say that Valentine’s Day is when birds choose a mate and find themselves a comfy spot to build their nest.   A few lucky birds at Annmarie will have beautifully decorated houses from which to choose.  

Home Tweet Home features twenty houses of various shapes, sizes, and materials.  One favorite, Big Bird House, built by Richard Preston of Hollywood, Maryland, is a bright yellow and gray house that stands over three feet tall and two feet wide.  Another creation is a rocket ship with a dainty bird wearing goggles perched on top ready to rocket to the stars.  The well-known southern Maryland artist couple, John Schaffner and J. Luray Schaffner, has created a spectacular house that is composed of ten different painted houses bolted together in a lovely geometric shape.  Other houses include a flowered gourd, an ode to the Tiki Bar, Rapunzel’s castle, a seashell and driftwood house, and a set of five houses painted by a local mom’s group.  Like much of what Annmarie does, Home Tweet Home embraces and celebrates a wide variety of artistic expression, from professional artists to youthful enthusiast.  It seem that everyone, even the birds, have a home at Annmarie.  Home Tweet Home continues through August 31, 2012 (unless a bird takes up long-term residence).