Lexington Park, MD – On Wednesday, Sept. 19 Maryland Fifth District Congressman Steny H. Hoyer paid a visit to TheBayNet.com’s office and studio. Hoyer, the current House of Representatives minority whip, has served in Congress since 1981 and is seeking his 19th consecutive two-year term. He is the most-senior Democrat currently serving in the House of Representatives.

During his on-camera discussion with TheBayNet.com publisher Sharon Bell, Hoyer addressed the controversial issue of marijuana. Hoyer indicated he would support declassifying marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug for the purpose of further researching its potential benefits to patients. Hoyer stated that many physicians he has spoken with believe marijuana use has “an ameliorating effect” on patients. Hoyer noted that lately “marijuana wins” every time it is on a ballot for referendum. Regarding any move to totally legalize marijuana Hoyer admitted, “I’m not in the forefront of that” and “I’m not so sure it’s not a gateway drug.”

Other issues discussed during Hoyer’s visit included the Affordable Care Act, which the congressman said should be revised; the recent federal tax cut, which he opposes; and the ‘Make It in America’ plan which is designed to expand manufacturing.

TheBayNet.com will air the discussion of those issues at a later date.

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