Chesapeake Beach Town Councilmember Bob Carpenter accepted embraces, expressions of sympathy and well-wishes from several hundred people attending the Sunday, March 11 “celebration” of his late wife Pat. He admitted he has been having a difficult time coping with her loss. The members of the community who steadily filed into the Rod ‘N’ Reel Restaurant’s main room throughout the three-hour gathering had positive things to say about the honoree.

“We lost a family member,” said Chesapeake Beach Mayor Bruce Wahl, who recalled the days after he won the 2008 mayoral election. “Pat came to see me and said she wanted to be the town’s volunteer coordinator,” said Wahl. “I thought about it two or three seconds before I said yes.”

Wahl said Pat Carpenter has organized just about every town activity since late 2008.

Carpenter was involved in helping other residents organize a huge Memorial Day Weekend event in the Twin Beaches area aimed at saluting Armed Forces veterans when she was hospitalized and died suddenly March 2.

“I’m glad Pat didn’t linger or suffer for long,” said Wahl. “I’m sure God has her organizing things in Heaven already.”

Chesapeake Beach resident Eleanor Nelson said of Bob and Pat Carpenter, “they made the most of their moments.”

Noting that Pat was born in Kansas and at one time or another resided in Texas, Colorado, California, Oregon and Virginia, former Maryland Secretary of Veterans Affairs George W. Owings III remarked, “everywhere she went she left her mark. She was a woman just so full of energy and life. Pat Carpenter lives in each and every one of us.”

Nelson asked, “where does all that energy go?” She affirmed the celebration attendees will take with them Pat Carpenter’s energy. “I think she’s with us,” said Nelson.

“She did it full speed,” said Bob Carpenter. “I’m glad I got to go along for the ride. I’m going to miss Pat every single day of my life.”

In addition to her husband, Pat Carpenter is survived by her sons Lane and Matthew, two grandsons, two sisters and a brother. Her former