Deputy State fire Marshal’s charged a 19 year-old inmate at the Charles County Detention Center with destruction of a fire sprinkler head and activation of the fire alarm system.

The incident occurred at 12:46 a.m. on January 3, 2014 inside the suspects’ cell at the detention center.  Investigators and corrections officers determined an inmate; Daniel Albert Humpleby, Jr. (19) had damaged the sprinkler head which caused flooding to occur in the cell block and activated the fire alarm system. The activation of the fire alarm system and subsequent clean-up caused a lock down of the facility and approximately $350.00 in damages.

Humpleby is being charged with causing a False Alarm and Malicious Destruction of Property. If convicted of these charges he could face penalties not to exceed five years and two months additional imprisonment and/or $5,500 in fines.