Investigative Report Released For March’s Fatal Police Pursuit in Charles County

BALTIMORE – The Independent Investigations Division (IID) of the Office of Attorney General today released its investigative report of the March 11 fatal police pursuit in Charles County.

On March 11, 2022, at 4:06 a.m., officers with the Charles County Sheriff’s Office responded to the report of a hit-and-run crash in the 3900 block of Pine Cone Circle in Waldorf.

When officers arrived on scene, the driver, Darell Byrd, was no longer there, but a witness identified the crashed car as Mr. Byrd’s. At around 4:47 a.m., officers located Mr. Byrd driving a pickup truck in the area of Pine Cone Circle and Huntington Woods Drive.

Officer Shayne Cannon attempted to pull over Mr. Byrd. Mr. Byrd initially stopped but then drove away, leading officers on a pursuit along St. Charles Parkway.

Officer Cannon, Officer Kenneth Barry, and Officer Shawn Griffith pursued Mr. Byrd. Less than one minute after beginning to flee, Mr. Byrd lost control of the truck and crashed into trees along St. Charles Parkway. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

No other vehicles were involved in the crash.

The IID concluded its investigation on September 30 and forwarded its investigative report to the Charles County State’s Attorney’s Office on October 3. The Charles County State’s Attorney’s Office notified the IID on November 2 of its decision not to prosecute the case.

The IID’s report contains detailed investigative findings and an analysis of relevant legal issues. Because the Charles County State’s Attorney’s Office—not the IID—retains prosecution authority in this case, the report does not make any recommendations as to whether any individual should or should not be charged. A copy of the investigative report can be found here.

By law, the IID’s report must remain confidential until any related prosecution is completed or the State’s Attorney’s Office declines to prosecute. If the local State’s Attorney decides to prosecute the matter, the IID will release the report, with appropriate redactions for confidentiality, within 30 days of a final judgment of all defendants in the case. If the local State’s Attorney declines to prosecute, the IID will release the report, with appropriate redactions for confidentiality, within 30 days of that determination.

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  1. Disobey the cops, life expectancy drops. Did he deserve to die? Of course not. Neither did George Floyd. But both would likely still be alive today if they had handled themselves differently on those fateful days. Being obstinate with the police is not how you fight systemic racism; it’s how you get killed. Don’t be dumb, it’s not GTA, you won’t respawn at the hospital.

    1. How does this have anything compared to the George Floyd situation!?!?! And no either person deserved to die, however George Floyd DID NOTHING except lay there in hand cuffs while a cop literally took his life away. In this situation you have high rate of speed a factor…and possibly other things and that is what caused this man’s death. Sometimes our bad choices or irrational thinking at the time causes consequences and in some cases they can’t be reversed.

      1. You don’t wind up in handcuffs and on the ground if, “you did nothing wrong,” look at the whole video and see how he resisted arrest. And it was the crowd his actions attracted, and how THEY acted, that distracted all the officers there. I’m sure it wasn’t the drugs in his system, had a rap sheet a mile long. Every time one is arrested, they’re automatically completely innocent. What a farce.

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