John O’Connor Wants A Safer St. Mary’s County
John O’Connor Wants A Safer St. Mary’s County

ST. MARY’S COUNTY, Md. – My family was at the Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department Carnival earlier in the evening with our four-year-old son and many of our close friends and numerous families. 

The Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department Carnival is a family event! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We have said “Thoughts and Prayers” too many times, and it certainly is NOT a plan of action and not enough. Everyone knows there have been numerous shootings and murders in Lexington Park and Great Mills in the past year.

This time a shooting “between rival groups of youth offenders” (GANGS) affected innocent families caught in the crossfire. Innocent children, adults, and families will be dealing with the effects of this trauma for the rest of their lives.

Two children were shot. 

A 16-year-old was murdered, his life snuffed out before ever given a chance to live. A volunteer firefighter was injured, an older woman trampled in a stampede from people running for their lives, and after all that, ANOTHER shooting in Lexington Park! 

Violent crime and shootings ARE out of control in our County.

People are preaching, don’t politicize this. It’s not about politicizing; it’s about pointing out the ELEPHANT in the room, the same thing I have been doing this entire time! This is about our safety, our families, and our community’s safety. 

How many more people need to get shot and killed? How many more times do our families need to be placed in danger? Problems will not begin to have solutions until they are acknowledged—something neither candidate who either previously worked for or currently works for the Sheriff’s Office has done. Let alone present a plan of action. 

Instead, they have ignored the issues, posted endorsements from elected officials who contributed to the problem and focused on attacks rather than presenting solutions to the community.

This is what being content with “Status Quo” looks like.

When I faced these problems as a law enforcement officer, I first admitted to the community we had a problem and had an immediate action plan. I told the community what we were going to do.

These plans included things like high visibility enforcement, strategically deploying the traffic enforcement unit, and the Anti Crime Unit, otherwise known as a Community Action Team, and working with allied agencies to put the gang members, drug dealers, and those harming our community out of business.

These officers recovered over 85 illegal firearms and made dozens of prosecutable arrests while maintaining a solid relationship with the community in a short period.

We can and will lower violent crime in St Mary’s County, and we will successfully ensure we have a safer St. Mary’s County.

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  1. I’m stuck between Fleenor and O’Connor. Either way people, don’t vote Steve. He will make his deputies close our small businesses down and cater to the worthless Health Department. Sad that Tim being a Republican would allow that to happen, but he did. Steve will just follow in his foot steps, we need change.

    1. Fleenor is a retired deputy, from here, is a good man and knows the people. O’Connor never served in St. Mary’s. Easy Choice. Vote Fleenor.

    2. I believe the police down here only attempted to enforce a regulation by the Board of Health.

  2. Sheriff Cameron and Capital Steve Hall along with the deputies of St Mary’s County are doing all they can with the gun violence that had grown in St Mary’s County. Unfortunately, the buck does not stop with them it continues up to the DA office and judges who slap the criminals wrists and send them back out onto the road. It is election time in St Marys, time for a new DA that will work with the Sheriff’s Department and start putting the criminals aesy. No more ” Good old Boy Fritz”. Please note John O’ Connor’s has no “real” experience with St Mary’s County Sheriff’s Department and just has a short stint of experience in PG County. He may have pretty words to TBE public but that is it.

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