Kai Thongsa Mann, age 18, of La Plata Maryland was born April 16th, 2004, in Pikeville Kentucky. Kai died in his family home on November 4th, 2022. He was the son of Darin Mann and the late Sommaly (Sunny) Mann. Kai had the kindest soul and biggest heart that you could ever meet in this world.

He was always thinking about others as long as it did not interrupt his video games. He demonstrated an early high level of intelligence as he was very passionate about dinosaurs and wanted to be a paleontologist.

When he reached the 8th grade, he shifted focus as he followed in his sisters (Sara Mann) footsteps and joined the biomedical program a LPHS, in La Plata, MD. In the 11th grade, he wanted to become a business owner! Why, he wanted to go into politics and he had studied that hardly no commoner (blue collar) has ever become a politician! Now we all have our own opinions about politicians: Kai wanted to change the norm and the agendas of both sides. He adamantly stated, “if the radical left and right only accounted for small percentage of the American population”, he would say “why do they get to set the agenda for America?” His wisdom was beyond his age and often stunned people with his insightful words and the ability to mesmerize any crowd until someone would say; “Kai you are correct, you should run for office.” Now, he was never the “out front person”, as his comments were always reserved, direct, and right on point!  

Fond memories of him range from hanging upside down on the stairs, playing on the I-pad, or dancing in the living room by himself. As of the most current years, he took up weightlifting and blossomed into a man, and was invited to be an official spotter in 2022 at the World Weightlifting Championship in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. He had a passion for cooking, following his mother’s footsteps. For his 18th birthday he only wanted a Japanese Wagyu steak, (if you are looking that up on your phone that is ok)…he was cultured beyond his years. He would sit on the back deck with his niece Gaylin and cook steaks on the grill for 3 hours making them perfectly seared yet medium rare on the inside. His love of food was well known as he could often be seen by friends and family with barbeque sauce on his face.

Kai was an avid GTA enthusiast owning a near pristine Nissan 370z with more modifications on it than you could count in an hour! This love for amazing, rare cars extended into his 2nd car purchase, a DB9 Aston Martin convertible that he picked up from an auction market and had damage to the front end and driver’s door…..his dream was restoring it to its formal glory.

On October 24th, 2022, his vision had come full circle opening his first company, MSH Homes in La Plata, MD. He wanted to build modern contemporary homes as he would often say…. wood was alive, concrete never was…so why do we destroy trees to build homes?

Kai was an amazing uncle to his 10 nieces and nephews whom he is survived by. Especially to Gaylin and Wesley who lived with him in La Plata, MD. His gentle giant qualities such as being patient, kind, compassionate, and an uncle were demonstrated best by Gaylin chasing him around the back yard with the garden hose while he maintained his distance just far enough to not get wet. He would break out the color crayons on the back deck and draw with Gaylin for hours.

Kai is also survived by his father Darin L. Mann, brother Darin M. Mann (Ontayah), sister Casey Johnson (Jacob), sister Christine Golightly (Steven) nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, and cousins whom will dearly miss him.

Condolences may be made to the family at www.brinsfieldfuneral.com

All arrangements by Brinsfield Funeral Home & Crematory, P.A. in Charlotte Hall, MD.

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