Calvert County Government recognized its many employees who reached career milestones in 2013. The annual Calvert County Employee Service Awards ceremony was held at Calvert Pines Senior Center Tuesday, Feb. 4.

In addition to presenting certificates to the milestone employees, the announcement of the 2013 Employee of the Year was made. The nominees are those individuals chosen as Employee of the Month during the calendar year.


The 2013 recipient is Crystal Klinedinst, a communications officer who was honored as last January’s Employee of the Month.


Klinedinst is credited with helping save the life of a man in December 2012.


According to information provided by the Calvert County Department of Public Safety, Klinedinst answered a 911 call Dec. 1, 2012 at approximately 5:30 a.m. The woman who made the call said her husband was not breathing. Klinedinst, a certified medical dispatcher, offered over-the-phone cardiopulmonary resuscitation instructions to the wife, who was subsequently able to save her husband.


Last February, when Klinedinst received her Employee of the Month honor, the woman who she instructed and the man whose life was saved presented her with flowers.


“Celebrate your employment,” said Employee Recognition Committee member Mark Willis. “Today it’s about you.”

The milestone employees list included two with 35-years of experience—Bill Pittman from the Department of Community Planning and Building and Doris J. Holland from the Division of Parks and Recreation.