Mikah Seger, Henry E. Lackey High School’s boys’ varsity soccer goalkeeper, is invited to the High School All-American game on Dec. 11 in Knoxville, Tenn.

INDIAN HEAD, Md. – “Historical” said Mikah Seger, goalkeeper for Henry E. Lackey High School’s boys’ varsity soccer team, when asked to describe this past season.

Seger, a senior is invited to play in the 11th annual boy’s All-American soccer game after a phenomenal 2021-2022 senior season.

The High School All-American (HSAA) soccer team is a program that selects the 44 top seniors in the nation and five of the nation’s elite coaches from the former fall season. The 11th annual High School All-American game is scheduled to take place on Dec. 11, in Knoxville, Tenn. Many of the players have committed to top universities and colleges and have shown a significant level of performance in their senior year.

Seger did not know about the opportunity until he saw that he was on the watch list for the game’s roster. When Seger was first notified of his accomplishment he said he was immediately proud of himself and grateful for his coach and teammates.

Athletic director of Henry E. Lackey, John Lush, left; Lackey High School boys’ varsity soccer goalkeeper, Mikah Seger; and Lackey High School’s boys’ soccer coach, Jonathan Juracko. Seger is invited to the High School All-American boys’ soccer game.

Seger said that he “almost quit” the game of soccer, until Coach Jonathan Juracko, boys’ soccer coach at Lackey, “took him under his wing.” Juracko said.

“He wanted to play for Lackey at a young age. He wants Lackey to be successful. He is willing to sacrifice his blood, sweat and tears to make it happen. There aren’t days off in Mikah’s world.”

Seger is excited for the opportunity to represent his team and school in the game this December and is looking forward to building relationships with the other teammates on the HSAA boys’ soccer team.