Lawns, shrubs, trees, flower beds are the living accents that make up a home’s landscape. By carefully interspersing these living accents, homeowners create beautiful outdoor areas. That is the main goal of all landscape design. Many leave the planning and implementation to professional landscape architects and designers. However, many homeowners can learn the basics, roll-up their sleeves, and create successful home landscapes.

There are several key points to keep in mind when designing a home’s landscape. For starters, landscaping should accent and complement the style and design architecture of the home.
A great landscape design will be functional, provide privacy, keep down maintenance costs, enhance a home’s value, and even improve a home’s energy efficiency. In addition, a great landscape plan will draw attention away from unsightly areas of the home.

Plant choices should be appropriate for the scale of the property, climate, and sun and soil conditions. When browsing for plants, homeowners should make selections that will harmonize together. All these considerations will contribute to the creation of an inviting outdoor environment.

Matching Your Landscaping to Your Home’s Style
When deciding on the landscape’s style, homeowners should look to their house for guidance. For instance, a Southwestern adobe suggests an informal garden with cactus and succulent plantings, mimicking the desert environment.
A Colonial home would work best with a landscape that is a more of a formal garden design featuring a traditional lawn bordered by manicured hedges.

Landscapers to be should not overlook the role accessories play in defining the style of the garden. Trellises for roses are perfect for an English garden, while terra-cotta pots bougainvillea or lavender are perfect for a casual Mediterranean look.

Front-Yard Gardens That Add Curb Appeal
Homeowners frequently overlook the first area of any home that other people see – the front yard. A home can have a beautiful face and a manicured lawn, but still ignore the “wow” effect that beautiful and tasteful landscaping can add to the curb appeal of the home.
Once it has been determined that landscaping can drastically improve the look of the home, future landscapers should keep in mind the basics – p