ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Burton Research and Strategies conducted a statewide survey of voters last week in Maryland and the results show Governor Hogan above the fifty percent threshold in ballot tests against Rushern Baker and Kevin Kamenetz.

The ballot test against Rushern Baker is Larry Hogan 54% and Baker 29% with 15% undecided.  Hogan’s committed vote is twice as strong as Baker’s (39% definitely Hogan vs 18% definitely Baker).  In the head to head with Kevin Kamenetz the advantage for Hogan is thirty-one points – Hogan 57%/Kamenetz 26% and 15% are undecided.

Hogan’s advantage on the ballot is due to his strong numbers with Republicans, Independents and his solid appeal with white Democrats.

Jim Burton of Burton Research and Strategies said, ”Governor Hogan continues to win over voters in Maryland for his work on lowering taxes, creating jobs, and focusing on increased take home pay for families.  His ballot strength demonstrates voters approve of the work he is doing to change Maryland.”

While the Democrat leadership in Annapolis and the Democrats running for Governor attempt to thwart Governor Hogan at every turn and try to make the Governor morph into Donald Trump, it fails.  Maryland voters can see right through the Democrats political charade.

“With the Democrats getting ready to spend money fighting their own in the primary, Governor Hogan will continue to demonstrate leadership by being the advocate for the people.  Voters in Maryland are rewarding Governor Hogan for his successful efforts to get the economy working again and his common-sense solutions to holding the line on taxes.”

Polling shows that the Democrat candidates for Governor are barely a threat to the Governor and remain insignificant.   Remember the adage, you cannot beat somebody with nobody.

Burton Research and Strategies conducted a statewide survey of 600 voters March 4-8 & 10-11, 2018.  Seventy percent of the interviews were conducted via landlines and thirty percent of the interviews were conducted via cell phone.  The margin of error for a sample size of 600 at the 95% confidence interval is +4.0%.

Burton Research and Strategies is a political consulting firm led by Jim Burton.  He has over twenty-five years of experience working in politics and more than fifteen years working in public opinion research.  Burton is a former Executive Director of the Maryland Republican Party, partner at Public Opinion Strategies, and Caucus Director for the North Carolina Republican House Caucus.  His work in Maryland includes polling for Governor Bob Ehrlich, Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman, Senators Ed Reilly, Addie Eckardt, Gail Bates, and Delegates Herb McMillan, Johnny Mautz, Bob Flanagan and former Delegate Cathy Vitale and others.