Girls in Calvert County do not have the same opportunities as the boys, regarding competitive basketball.  The boys have seven competitive basketball clubs, including Dunkirk Warriors, Beach Buccaneers, Owings Outlaws, St. John Vianney Saints, SYB Panthers, PF Eagles, and Huntingtown Hurricanes.  The girls have none. Not only do the boys have seven competitive basketball clubs this season, there are four teams for following age groups; 9-10 yr. olds, 11 yr. olds, 11-12 yr. olds and 13-14 yr. olds. This season there are 28 boys’ teams.  The girls have none.  

In 2013, there were seven competitive boys’ basketball clubs with three age groups, totaling 21 boys’ teams. The girls had none. In 2012, there were seven competitive boys’ basketball clubs, with three age groups, totaling 21 boys’ teams.  The girls had none.  In 2011, there were seven competitive boys’ basketball clubs, with three age groups, totaling 21 boys’ teams.  Again, the girls had none. 

Over the years, people have stepped up to coach the girl’s competitive teams, including myself, but it’s not been supported by the County.  Again, this year there is not a girl’s competitive basketball team in Calvert County. 

I heard from a mom that Coach Brian Wiseman, who lives in Calvert County, put together a girl’s competitive basketball team, but have to play in Anne Arundel County.  It’s wrong that our girls have to leave the county to play competitive basketball, while the boys do not. 

I contacted Coach Brian Wiseman regarding my daughter; she was evaluated and made the team.  He asked why we did not play in Calvert County, and told him, I tried to put a competitive girls’ team together for the past three years and had no support from the county.  He laughed, told me he tried 10 years ago, and did not get any support from the county either.   

Coach Brian Wiseman’s team is made up of nine girls, who live and go to school in Calvert County.  Our team has lost its practice gym over at Jesus the Good Shepherd and our team needs a place to practice.  In Calvert County there are 13 elementary schools, six middle schools and four high schools.  Every school has a gym with a basketball court.  We need access to court time.

We need this inequity to be corrected.  By not advocating for girls competitive basketball teams in Calvert County, we are sending a clear message to our girls, boys receive better/ more preferential treatment solely because of their sex.  This is wrong and we need to correct that message.  Calvert County needs to support Girls Competitive basketball now. 

Very truly yours,

Beth M. Bubser