LEONARDTOWN, Md. – The following letter was sent to us as a copy of what was forwarded to County Commissioner President Randy Guy, along with several ranking county government employees. Read the letter below:

“Dear Mr. Guy,

Enclosed is a letter to Attorney Neil Murphy, dated 12/13/2021, which is self-explanatory.

The reason I am requesting your assistance is because my request to Attorney Murphy has gone unanswered to date. Time is of the essence, as I have a relevant court case being held on this matter on 1/12/2022. As you can see, this deals with a violation of the Critical Area, as 35 loads of fill were dumped there.

I am concerned about this being only being put on a STET docket and having a fine imposed, rather than having the material removed from the Critical Area.

I want you to know that I recently inquired of the “Mother County” how many violations of the Critical Area were cited and handled with only a STET docket and a fine. The written response from St. Mary’s County was that they had no records of this request in their files, which is frightening.

I am interested in how the County obtained permission from the Critical Area Commission to only use a STET docket and impose fines. Under the Maryland Public Information Act, I would ask that you provide me with documentation substantiating the County’s right to use STET dockets and fines.

In this particular case (Report #UACC20-00000068), the County writes that the offender was informed that in order to avoid fines, he could take out an “after the fact” permit.

Before County Attorney George Sparling was escorted out of his office (according to Mr. Martin Siebert, in his 9/19/2019 deposition) Mr. Siebert stated that the County Attorney George Sparling said that documentation of the 51 houses in question had been lost by the County LUMG. Mr. Sparling wanted to obtain records from Mr. Siebert (who at that time had sat on the St. Mary’s County Planning Commission for approximately 10 years and who was also a builder in the County) after the fact, but could not, as the properties had been sold. The same statement by Mr. Siebert regarding ownership was made to State’s Attorney Fritz before the hearing of Inspector Brian Taylor, with regard to the 51 houses. Contrary to the aforementioned, Mr. Fritz told Judge Densford that Mr. Siebert and Windward Builders did, in fact, own the properties. Mr. Sparling also requested in a letter, that Mr. Siebert apply for inspections after the fact, to “follow up and get our paperwork straight.” Mr. Siebert responded that he “would love to do that but we don’t own the property anymore.” So on the advice of legal counsel, the discussion ended.

Mr. Siebert also stated in his deposition, that David Weiskopf, then St. Mary’s County Assistant Attorney, said, when the two of them spoke, that, in regard to the 51 houses with defective or no inspections performed, that he (Mr. Weiskopf) “saw no content.” Perhaps Mr. Weiskopf feared for his position given that Mr. Sparling, who was attempting to resolve the issue of the 51 houses with defective or no inspections, was escorted from his office due to his efforts in this regard.

I personally spoke with Mr. George Sparling about the 51 houses just prior to his unexpected removal from office. Knowing of the uphill battle upon which he had embarked, I asked whether or not he had thought of retiring to avoid the wrath of the “Good Old Boys System” of St. Mary’s County.

In the hearing of Brian Taylor, St. Mary’s County LUGM Chief Inspector, before the Honorable David Densford, Mr. Taylor’s attorney, Daniel Slade, said that he did not believe that his client, Brian Taylor, was a lone wolf out there, but that he was acting on direction from his superiors. He was to go out and help these folks, referring to the people who built the 51 houses. No exception was taken by Judge Densford as to why Mr. Slade would make such a statement. There was no subsequent investigation of this statement made by Attorney Slade. I have written to you, State’s Attorney Fritz and Judge Densford about the validity of this hearing. Judge Densford has filed my letters to him in the Brian Taylor closed case file.

And here we are years later with basically the same county commissioners and the superiors of LUGM still holding office with the very same issues at hand as evidenced by the aforementioned STET docket(see attached letter to Mr. Murphy) and Case Details, St. Mary’s County, Case #UACC20-00000068, also known as Site APN 1902018748, date opened 5/4/2020.

This is a continuing situation that demands attention. I am asking for your immediate intervention again, as I have done many times in the past, by way of letters and emails, with no results from you.


J. Whitson Rogers

608 S. Hanover Street

Baltimore, MD 21230”

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