TheBayNet Letter to the Editor
TheBayNet Letter to the Editor

LEONADTOWN, Md. — The following letter comes from Lisa Grossman of Leonardtown, Maryland.

“Early voting starts in a little over a week and Election Day will be here before we know it. Informed voters are busy doing their research on who to vote for in a number of critical state and local races.

In St. Mary’s County, there are two candidates vying for the School Board but only one of them has the knowledge and experience for the job. Just watch the recorded League of Women Voters’ forum from Lexington Park Library on October 12 (available at, starting at 1 hour and 59 minutes).

Time and time again, Marsha Williams showed she had done her homework, as an experienced parent and child advocate, attorney, public school parent and community leader.

Her opponent couldn’t answer basic questions about special education, state or local education policy, or even what she would specifically do once elected.

Marsha has clear policy proposals in a number of areas, including her common sense Ready by Graduation plan: ensuring all our children graduate with not just academic skills but life skills, like financial literacy, driver’s education, understanding health insurance, staying safe on social media, job readiness and being an informed citizen.

She is an actual advocate for children’s and parent’s rights through her decades of experience serving in both her professional and volunteer roles.

Her opponent said she’d learn how the school system/board works if elected and depend on other board members to help her figure things out.

As a parent of St. Mary’s County Public School students for the last 11 years, I expect my kids to be prepared for school and do their homework.

We should expect nothing less of our school board members, and only one of the candidates Marsha Williams, is qualified to hit the ground running.”

Lisa Grossman

Leonardtown MD 

EDITOR’S NOTE: As we get closer to the election, we want to encourage an active role of citizens in the political process. The role of the press is critical and we would encourage citizen’s to email us letters to Please try to keep your letter’s brief and on topic, and be sure to include your full address for us to verify (we will only publish your city of residence).

Though we cannot make guarantees about when/if your letter will be published, we will try our best to publish all the letters we receive. Outside of the topic of elections, feel free to send us letters with your thoughts on other relevant topics facing you and the community. We always want to engage with the community.

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