December 5th 2011 Jayson Walker, a local author debuted his latest book Beyond the Kaleidoscope: A Trilogy of Arcane Tales. Mr. Walker’s first published book has been described as “complex, visually descriptive and utterly entertaining”.

The trilogy consists of, A Stroll in the Park, chronicling the life of a man after emerging from a bunker waiting for death take him, The Truth Source, about the reaction of the people and the government to solid proof of extraterrestrials and The Blind Watchmaker about a scientists going through parallel realities and finding himself there. Largely based on Science fiction, with some threads of drama, and romance amidst apocalyptic themes, mystery and suspense the stories have it all.

The man behind the pen name “Jayson Walker” has lived here in Southern Maryland since 1996, born in Northern Michigan and transplanted by way of Patuxent River Naval Base. The writer he seemed genuinely humbled by his published work, stating that he only started writing seriously a few years back. He spoke about writing short stories as a child, but that he really never envisioned his work on bookshelves all over the country.

Beyond the Kaleidoscope can easily be found online or in bookstores like Barnes and Noble and The collection of three short stories is woven together with precision, highlighting in each the common challenge of man’s place in the universe.  Each short story is thought provoking  alone; the talent of this writer is the way in which the stories complement each other, that throughout all parts you are drawn in,  captured and taken for a journey that opens up new questions, new ideas and leaves you wondering at the end…What will he publish next?

“I had a great time with Beyond the Kaleidoscope: A Trilogy of Arcane Tales. I’m positive you will too.” mentioned The BayNet’s own Lisa Zeigler, later mentioning that she has already ordered a hardcover.

The BayNet encourages St. Mary’s science fiction fans and bibliophiles to attend a book signing at D.B. McMillan’s in Wildewood Shopping Center. Be sure to check back, to get more information about the upcoming March book signing.