Man Who Attempted To Assassinate Reagan To Be Released This Month
President Ronald Reagan moments before he was shot in an assassination attempt, March 30, 1981.

WASHINGTON — John Hinckley Jr., the man responsible for the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan, is set to be released from court-ordered psychiatric supervision on June 15.

Hinckley, now 67-years-old, shot the then president with a .22 long rifle bullet fired from a Röhm RG-14 revolver on March 30, 1981. The round ended up ricocheting off the side of the presidential limo and struck Reagan in his left underarm, causing one of his ribs to break and puncturing one of his lungs, leading to serious internal bleeding.

Press Secretary Jim Brady, Secret Service agent Tim McCarthy, and DC police officer Tom Delahanty were also shot and wounded amidst the chaos.

Photograph of chaos outside the Washington Hilton Hotel after the assassination attempt on President Reagan.

Hinckley was charged with the attempted assassination of the president but was found not guilty due to reason of insanity.

Hinckley had been diagnosed with acute psychosis and had developed an obsession with actress Jodie Foster after seeing the Martin Scorsese film Taxi Driver.

He was trying to emulate the film’s deranged protagonist, Travis Bickel, and thought killing Reagan would impress the actress.

Hinckley would be institutionalized full-time at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, D.C., until 2006 and was allowed to be released to the custody of his mother in 2016.

According to the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, Hinckley, “has recovered his sanity such that he does not present a danger to himself or others because of mental illness if unconditionally released on June 15, 2022.”

Hinckley is to be granted total freedom and has expressed a desire to continue further mental health treatment.

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  1. Irony: Hinkley was emulating “Travis Bickel” who was played by Robert DeNiro, a stinking democrat…
    Imagine the law and order we’d have in America if we could ban democrats…

  2. Hinkley should never be released.

    If he forgets to take his medication– even once– he could kill again.

  3. there is dispute as to whether he is responsible for it. Does he remember after years of taking pills?

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