PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) needs your feedback.

The Hallowing Point Waterfront Recreation Area on the Patuxent River is slated for upgrades and your opinion counts!

Due to significant acquisitions of properties surrounding the existing boat launch at the park, DNR is working to develop a master plan for upcoming improvements and is looking for public feedback.

Visit the Hallowing Point Waterfront Recreation Area webpage to review two conceptual master plans and for another opportunity to submit comments as part of the planning process.

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  1. Fix up the ramp. Maybe try replacing the light bulb so boaters can dock safely and run off the crack heads and junkies. Would be a good place to start.

  2. I would love to see a fishing pier similar to the one at Solomons🎣’sI would love to see a fishing pier Similar to the one under Solomon Island Bridge and probably some type of play area for children like they have a Gilbert run state park

  3. So much can be done more fishing piers for crabbing, a small carry out for food a playground dregs the water because there are cinder blocks in there from the trailers, make one side a nice beach to play in

  4. whats the proper way to react to someone parked- in- the- park, with their windows covered & fogged. What are they doing in the vehicle? Hmmm what about tinted windows? Should we always suspect what someone is doing in a vehicle with tinted windows?

  5. With future bridge replacement, ramps should move south a bit . Looking at other md parks for ideas is good. Access for young , older, handicapped persons.

  6. 1. Start by getting rid of the drugs and the underlying reason they are there.
    2. Get rid of the underlying reason they are there.
    3. Get rid of the underlying reason they are there.
    4. Get rid of the underlying reason they are there.
    5. How about a dumpster that doesn’t have dirty diapers and needles in it.

  7. I believe the actual DNR service center should be moved back. Serves the southern tri county much better then it does all the way down in Solomons. The southern part of maryland has many DNR needs, plus it is already a DNR owned building and property, it would only make sense to move the service center back. Clean up the park and boat ramp, yes, of course, It is a beautiful spot. There is so much potential.

  8. I would like to have the DNR offices located back at Hallowing point. It cost me an extra 45 minutes of driving today to go to Solomon’s at the new location not to mention the extra gas at today’s prices $4.50 +- per gallon.

  9. Where did the name “Hallowing Point” come from? And what does “Hallowing” mean?

    There is also a “Sixes” road in Calvert County. Where did that name come from?

    The DNR should include a history display with the park.

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