Final proposed map by the Legislative Redistricting Advisory Committee.

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — The Maryland General Assembly is planning a special session on Dec. 6, where severe concerns of gerrymandering in newly drafted congressional and legislative maps are set to be addressed.

This year will be the first time in a decade that Maryland has redrawn its maps, but the proposed maps by legislators will likely make the only Republican congressional district in the state more competitive.

This follows the Princeton Gerrymandering Project giving the proposed congressional maps an ‘F’ grade. Meanwhile, Governor Hogan has made comments where he mentions tasking a group to draw “fairer” lines.

“Unfortunately, for decades now, Maryland’s political power brokers have conducted the state’s redistricting process in secret- behind closed doors- rigging the system to eliminate the competition, like concentrating one party’s voters as much as possible while segregating another party’s voters,” Hogan said after presenting the congressional and legislative maps from the Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission via The Washington Post.

Governor Hogan said he believes that the maps will be fairer if the Maryland General Assembly uses the Citizen’s Redistricting Commission’s proposed maps. They hope to come to a concrete decision in the special session.

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