fatal accident
fatal accident

LARGO, Md. – Maryland State Police continue the investigation into a Sunday morning fatal crash that investigators have determined to be two separate incidents which claimed the life of a Prince George’s County man and injured a pedestrian.

The deceased, identified as Fredys Castillo Rivas, 46, of Upper Marlboro, was pronounced deceased by hospital personnel after he was transported from the scene to the University of Maryland Capital Regional Medical Center. Rivas was the driver of a white Chevrolet Impala involved in the second incident. Police believe Rivas had stopped at the scene to provide assistance.

The injured pedestrian, identified a Jarryd Brown, 44, of Silver Spring, was transported to the University of Maryland Capital Regional Medical Center where he continues to receive medical treatment for injuries sustained in the crash. Police believe Brown also stopped at the scene to provide assistance.

Shortly after 3:00 a.m. on March 13, troopers from the Forestville Barrack responded to the inner loop of I-495, south of MD Route 202 for the multi-vehicle crash. Following a reconstruction of the incident, Crash Team investigators believe the first incident was a three-car crash that left a white 2018 Chevrolet Cruz disabled in the roadway.

The second incident occurred after a pedestrian, later identified as Brown, observed the first crash and subsequently pulled over onto the right shoulder and exited his vehicle. He ran across the southbound lanes of I-495 and made contact with the occupants of one of the vehicles involved in the first crash. He then went to check on the driver of another vehicle involved, a Chevrolet Cruz, which became disabled in between lanes 1 and 2 of the roadway.

A white Chevrolet Impala, operated by Rivas, then drove up to the scene and parked his vehicle in lane 3 near the Chevrolet Cruz and the pedestrian. Moments later, a GMC Acadia traveling south on I-495, south of Route 202 in lane 3, struck the rear of the Impala. The force of the impact caused the Impala to rotate and continue south on I-495. Investigators believe the left front fender of the Impala subsequently struck the pedestrian who was standing near the Chevrolet Cruz.

Drivers from all five vehicles and the pedestrian were transported by ambulance to the University of Maryland Capital Regional Medical Center. 

The investigation continues…

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  1. People just drive like fools, the automakers need to put a governor on the speed of the vehicles.

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