Leonardtown attorney A. Shane Mattingly has filed as a Democratic candidate for St. Mary’s County State’s Attorney. Current State’s Attorney Richard “Rick” Fritz, a Republican, has filed for re-election to a fifth term. With the deadline approaching for filing candidacy they are the only two candidates to date.

Mattingly is a 1987 graduate of the University of Maryland School of Law. He has been in private practice for 24 years. Mattingly was a candidate for circuit court judge in the 2006, coming in second to Michael Stamm. He also was a candidate for appointment to a vacant circuit court judge seat in 2011 but Gov. Martin O’Malley selected David Densford, who won election to the seat in 2012.

Mattingly had been a Republican but recently switched party affiliation.

Mattingly issued the following statement to the Bay Net: “I am happy to announce my candidacy for State’s Attorney of St. Mary’s County. I will run a campaign that focuses on issues which unite us; healthy communities, safe streets, respect for victims of violent crime and better cooperation with law enforcement agencies. I will take a community based approach in dealing with the problems facing our community. I will reach out and listen to your concerns regarding our criminal justice system. I look forward to the campaign and having a meaningful dialog during this important time for St. Mary’s County.”

Mattingly also released his campaign platform, which he called “A Community Based Approach:”

 1. As State’s Attorney I will focus on the issues that unite us: healthy communities, safe streets, respect for victims and cooperation with law enforcement agencies. I promise

to listen, learn and respond to the suggestions and concerns of our citizens on these


2. I will focus the resources of the State’s Attorney on the conviction and incarceration

of violent offenders. In particular, my staff will have renewed focus on cases involving

domestic battery and sexual assault. Every victim deserves to know that their voice will