Pictured above left to right- Dan Ichniowski, Steve Willing, Jackie Meiser. 

California, MD— What has become comical to some has now evolved into St. Mary’s County’s version of SEWERGATE.

Over the past year, MetCom has come under fire for its inability to reign in reckless spending and its indifference to the public at large. Steve Willing, who was the former chairman representing the Lexington Park community, and recommended by Commissioner Todd Morgan continues to lead the charge for reckless leadership.

In a vote this summer, Willing initiated the motion to replace Director Scott Bundy, who was only on the job for approximately a year and butted heads with the MetCom attorney, Jackie Meiser.

Meiser, a local attorney, has become a lightning rod when the current Board started to ask questions as to her whereabouts because of her part-time status and inability to provide unbiased advice to the current board because of  increased conflict with Bundy and pressure to leave MetCom and be replaced.

When Bundy was escorted out the door, Willing not only made the motion but also named retired Executive Director Dan Ichniowski to immediately replace him.

Ichniowski, an ally of Meiser who was originally appointed as executive director  when Meiser failed to give up the position both as executive director and attorney until directed to by the St. Mary’s County MetCom Task Force in its June 2, 2010 report and legislation initiated by Roy Dyson has rubber stamped continued spending increases during his entire tenure.

Meiser’s job has been advertised and candidates have been interviewed but nothing has happened over the last several months because of continued roadblocks by Willing  as they both try and manipulate the system. It is time for the three of these individuals to be replaced so that the hard-working people that run the organization don’t get caught up in the daily drama of Metcom and the constant bickering initiated by Meiser and Willing. 

If nothing happens in the next two weeks,The BayNet urges people in the community to vote for “Code Home Rule” so that spending can be curtailed and resources consolidated. That argument raised by several of St. Mary’s County Commissioners is the only one of the few that makes sense for Code Home Rule.

It’s time for MetCom to replace these three individuals.

Ichniowski and Meiser’s legacy

Fact– MetCom has increased sewer and water rates above 55% since 2008.
Fact– MetCom executives Jackie Meiser and Dan Ichaniowski have increased  Capital Contribution charges over the last ten (10) years  from $1,000 to 22,000 in fiscal year 2007.
Fact– MetCom employees have grown from 57 to well over 100  over the last dozen years.
Fact– MetCom customers have only increased 7% since 2008.
Fact– MetCom paid well over 2 million dollars in interest on Bond money they didn’t use over the least 3-4 years to the tune of almost 6 million dollars for projects that were not shovel-ready.
Fact– MetCom’s newly appointed executive director was ousted and escorted out of the building after a motion made and formulated by MetCom board member Steve Willing this summer.

This financial mismanagement continues today and must be brought under control of the current Board. The Commissioners of St. Mary’s County need to appoint people who are financially responsible and/or merge MetCom under the arm of County Government.

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