Leonardtown, MD – At their June 20 and 27 weekly business meetings, the Commissioners of St. Mary’s County approved membership for the following citizens to various St. Mary’s County Boards, Committees, and Commissions to terms indicated as follows:


Board, Committee or Commission    Term Expiration


Agriculture, Seafood and Forestry Board

Richard Polk (Partial Term)         12/31/19

Airport Advisory Committee

Eric Pratson             6/30/20

Robert Lightstone            12/31/19

Jimmy Hicks (Partial Term)           6/30/19

Andre Swygert (Alternate)          12/31/17


Commission for Women

Joanna Colvin  (Reappointment)                6/30/20

Mary Ludwig  (Reappointment)                      6/30/20

Commission on Aging

Gregory Havens (Partial Term)         12/31/17

Mary Novotny (Partial Term)           6/30/18

Linda Fry (Reappointment)           6/30/20

Gail Murdock (Reappointment)           6/30/20

Commission on the Environment

Thomas Brewer (Reappointment)           6/30/21

James Hensley (Partial Term)           6/30/18


Economic Development Commission

Tracy Harris (Reappointment)           6/30/20                      

Ethics Commission

John Austerman (Reappointment)         6/30/20


Historic Preservation Commission

Carol Moody            6/30/20

Anibal Delgado             6/30/20


Human Relations Committee

Joshua Brewster (Reappointment)         6/30/21

Mary Fearns (Reappointment)             6/30/21

Captain Steven Hall (Partial Term)       12/31/18   

Metropolitan Commission Task Force

Joseph Russell (Citizen Member)        12/31/17

John Walters (Citizen Member)        12/31/17


Plumbing and Fuel Gas Board

Daniel Garrison (Reappointment)          6/30/20

Richard Montgomery (Reappointment)              6/30/20


Social Services Board

Rose Frederick (Reappointment)          6/30/20

Annette Wood (Reappointment)          6/30/20


Soil Conservation District Board 

Carl Dyson             6/30/22

Transportation Advisory Committee  

James Andreacci (Reappointment)         6/30/20


Tri-County Animal Shelter

Diane Harris (Reappointment)          6/30/21