Howard Arthur Miller
Howard Arthur Miller

UPDATE – 11:00 AM – Missing Person – Howard Arthur Miller – HAS BEEN LOCATED. Thank you for sharing.

PARK HALL, Md. – The Sheriff’s Office is seeking the public’s assistance locating missing person Howard Arthur Miller, 42 y/o B/M (see photograph).

Miller was last believed to be in the Park Hall area this morning, possibly wearing a white t-shirt and jeans.

Anyone with information is asked to contact 301-475-8008 (Case #20646-23).

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  1. this refers to someone else. How do you keep someone who has autism \Aphasia from wandering off\ becoming missing?

  2. dog tags\ dog collars are for animals so if they become lost\ wonder- off, those that find them know who they are & who to contact. Do the Aphasic have the same thing? So that if we were to come across them, we know who to contact [since they can’t communicate]?

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