motorcycle accident title graphic
motorcycle accident title graphic

LUSBY, Md. – On March 6, 2022, at approximately 9 p.m., members of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Unit and Crash Reconstruction Team as well as Maryland State Police (MSP) responded to the area of H.G. Trueman Road and Garden Way in Lusby, MD for a single vehicle crash involving a motorcycle.

Preliminary investigation revealed the operator of a 2005 Suzuki GSX R-1000, identified as Marvin Eugene Hill III, 34 of Prince Frederick, MD, was travelling northbound on H.G. Trueman Road. For unknown reasons, the motorcycle drifted off the roadway and as a result Hill was ejected from the bike.

Hill was transported to Capital Regional Medical Center by MSP helicopter in critical condition.

This crash remains under investigation. Anyone with information is asked to please contact DFC A. Ostazeski of the Crash Reconstruction Unit at Please refer to case #22-12364.

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  1. Motorcycles should be banned from roadways, the operators have zero care for laws, other vehicles, etc. I have zero sympathy when they crash because 9 out of 10 times it’s because the operator is riding like a complete idiot

    1. YOU should be banned from America for your hazardous stupidity!
      So, you’re OK with lumping ALL MC riders into one bucket?
      Motorcycles are like guns: They, by themselves, are inanimate objects and can do absolutely NO HARM to anyone! So, take your dumb self to a fascist country where you can have your way, because real Americans do NOT need traitors like you here trying to ruin our freedoms & rights!

      1. If you don’t like my comment then you don’t travel on any roadways , I have 100 percent correct in my statement and nothing will change my mind

        1. It’s not so much your comment, it’s your astronomical ignorance! Who T H are you to suggest a ban on the livelihood of an entire group of people who enjoy riding for fun and enjoyment??!!!
          How about if I demand that we ban ALL democrats from voting & breeding because of ALL the destruction to our American freedoms that their votes have caused in 2020?
          BTW; How’s that $4.25+ gas price sitting with you? Should we ban cars too?

          1. And what does the Democratic Party have to do with this article as well? You’re way off topic clown

        2. Your an idiot! They have just as much right as being on the road as a car does. There are idiot drivers everywhere! You are probably one of them. Karma’s a b****!

          1. I am right , sorry, facts are facts, until you have one crash into your truck doing 130mph then your comments are invalid

      2. A 34 year old on a street bike, wtf do you think he was doing?? Common sense, which obviously you lack of

        1. Just because the person is 34 and rides a bike does not mean anything! You are a very cold hearted person! This is a human being. You are

      3. Damn, Archie, where do you think you got off chastising other for stupidity and lumping ALL people in a group into one bucket? You’ve done that every day of you life since you could crawl.

    2. concerned citizen you need to watch what you say. The guy was by himself no other vehicals were involved. So even if he was foing something stupid he just endangered himself. I ride I have wrecked from deer and people who cant drive their vehical. You probaly one of those people since we blaming people. Its sad that you never felt the freedom of the ride on a motorcycle. To mr. hill i hope you get better praying for you brotha

      1. No I’m not gonna watch what I say, I stated the truth, I had a idiot hit my truck almost 10 years ago going 130, my truck was totaled, that idiot literally exploded into pieces, so until you’ve seen what I’ve seen there is no changing my mind period!

  2. Wow, what a narrow minded view of bike riders. We are not all thrill seeking zealots. Motor cycles are easier on fuel and take up less space. We are also sometimes not seen by auto drivers and are put in peril. I do not advocate banning automobiles though.

    1. Totally agree with you that most bike riders have know respect for their bikes but it doesn’t means everyone don’t respect they bikes So was

    2. Until you are involved in a accident with a idiot on a motorcycle you won’t understand where I’m coming from, almost 10 years ago one hit my truck doing over 130 and totaled my truck, he literally exploded
      So no I will not change my mind

  3. I’m quite familiar where the accident’s not the Motercycle that caused the accident it’s the driver. There are a lot of cyclists that respect their bikes and the law! Cause the driver didn’t care to pay attention he lost control. Hopefully he gets better soon and rides responsibly

  4. May I ask was you a fly in air or sitting on side the road monitoring what he was doing on his bike !!!

  5. The family races bikes all the time at Budds Creek and other places. I’m sure his family is upset and concerned, but Marvin hasn’t been known to use the best judgement. Hope he survives and keeps racing at the track

  6. Aside from the motorcycle guy; A few of you should read and correct your posts before you send them. “Spell check” is kicking your butts and reading your posts is a chore. Your grammar, punctuation and sentence structure (“Concerned citizen and LadyT) is seriously in need of help.
    And a few you have the same screen name as someone else so… 🙂

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