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Bill Wright (Calverton College Advisor), Mandi Kuidlan (mother), Chayton Kuidlan, Francisco Kuidlan (father),
Phil Weiner (Athletic Coordinator)

HUNTINGTOWN, Md. — Chayton Kuidlan, a graduating senior at Calverton School who plays for Patuxent Football Academy, has signed a letter of intent to continue his athletic career at Howard University.

Kuidlan hopes that by attending Howard, he will help open the door to other athletes in Southern Maryland to attend Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU).

“I think it will inspire more athletes in SOMD to attend an HBCU,” Kuidlan told “In communities like Calvert and St. Mary’s, I feel like I know a lot of people that did not expect me to choose an HBCU, but it has opened their eyes to SOMD players that they can get into schools like that.”

While Kuidlan went through his soccer career, he says several of his coaches and trainers attended Howard, which helped influence his decision. 

Overall, his coach, Myron Garns, has been his greatest influence since the 2nd grade. He has trained him ever since. Garns emphasized how Kuidlan focused on academics during his journey more than anything.

McDaniel College, the University of Memphis, and Saint Louis University tried to recruit Kuidlan.

However, he chose Howard after attending their games and seeing their day-to-day outside his campus visits. He became enamored with the opportunity that Howard gives him to see what the world has to offer outside of soccer and school.

“The atmosphere of the campus is what I like about Howard,” Kuidlan said. “It is not like a true college town and that fits me.”

Additionally, Kuidlan hopes that his presence could diversify HBCUs even more since he is Hispanic-American. Although the university is more diverse than others, he sees Howard as predominantly black, and there’s an opportunity to add more diversity.

“It may be an HBCU, but the reward for going there goes for anybody,” Kuidlan explained. “People can gain different experiences from HBCUs like Howard.”

Kuidlan encourages young athletes looking to play a collegiate sport to visit the campus, get to know the coaches, and know their role in the school’s athletic path. He says if you do not visit the school or see the coaches in person, you can be blindsided or overwhelmed by what’s to come, which could make you transfer or leave.

Currently, Kuidlan’s club team has been accepted into USL 2 and USW which is a semi-pro league that fosters pro-players. He is using this league to prepare for college during his summer break.

Mandi Kuidlan (mother), Chayton Kuidlan, Francisco Kuidlan (father)

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  1. I wish him success in his journey. I am sure he will inspire many, including plates of color.

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