On Tuesday, April 11, National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered,” spotlighted the phenomenal popularity of Bud and Bud Lite 10oz beers in St. Mary’s County.

For those who travel to St. Mary’s and surrounding areas for an occassional meeting, or a summer trip, and especially for the people who move here, the 10oz following is at first rather perplexing. Why do so many locals ardently covet the 10oz over the 12oz, even if they are getting less drink for the same price?

Often it is said to “taste different,” or to “keep colder.” If you have your own reasons to support the 10oz superiority please feel free to post them here!

Disappointingly, the NPR investigation suggested the reason for the 10oz was to enable Bud to compete in price with local beers, and even the distributor can’t explain why he drinks the 10oz.

You can see NPR’s coverage here.