On June 5, St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Graves observed two individuals walk into a wooded area on Hurry Road in Chaptico.

Deputy Graves observed the subjects look towards his direction and then try to hide behind the trees.  Deputy Graves investigated.  As Deputy Graves approached the subjects he observed them try to hide an item.

One of the subjects ran.  Deputy Graves detained the other subject identified as Mitchell Lee Kimball, 19 of Chaptico, Maryland.  For Officer’s safety, Deputy Graves conducted a pat down of Mitchell Kimball’s person.

During the pat down, Deputy Graves felt what appeared to be a plastic bag tied in a knot in Mitchell Kimball’s left pants pocket.  Deputy Graves recovered a clear plastic bag containing a white powered substance – suspected cocaine.

Mitchell Kimball was arrested and search incident to the arrest revealed a ten dollar bill rolled up containing suspected cocaine residue.