Anthony Breathand Johnson
Anthony Breathand Johnson
Anthony Breathand Johnson, age 23

INDIAN HEAD, Md. – On May 1 at 1:41 a.m., a patrol officer initiated a traffic stop in the area of N First Street and Strauss Avenue after observing a traffic violation.

Upon approaching the driver, the officer smelled an odor of burnt marijuana. Further, marijuana and a loaded polymer “ghost gun” – meaning the gun did not have a serial number – were recovered from the driver’s area of the car.

The officer also learned the driver, Anthony Breathand Johnson, 23, of Indian Head, was prohibited from possessing a firearm due to conditions of a protective order in another state.

Johnson was arrested and charged with illegal possession of a firearm, illegal transportation of a handgun, and other related charges.

On May 3, a judge released Johnson from the Charles County Detention Center on the condition he meets the criteria for electronic monitoring.

Officer McCourt is continuing the investigation.

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  1. Ghost gun means he wanted a gun with no serial number. Not a normal gun owner.

    He had a protective order against him– and was forbidden to own a gun.

    Lock him up. So tired of all the gun crime in PG County.

  2. “Ghost gun means he wanted a gun with no serial number.”
    A stolen gun with a serial number that has been ground off.
    But the liberal media’s pet (2012) term, “Ghost Gun”, sounds so much more scarier than illegally owned firearm.

  3. ??? FOX and CNN both reported this the same way.

    When you starting thinking that EVERYTHING is a media conspiracy, that is a good sign that you are really going too far in your thinking.

  4. I meant FOX and CNN both report using the word “Ghost gun” in these cases.

    EVERYTHING is not a “news media conspiracy”.

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