Hopkins, Amir Dontae

WALDORF, Md. – On January 28 at 7:50 a.m., officers received a call for the report of an attempted robbery and assault that just occurred.

The victim indicated she was jogging on Berry Road near Ironwood Drive in Waldorf when a male approached her and demanded her cell phone. The man then struck the victim with a heavy book bag he was carrying.

The suspect attempted to assault the woman again but she fought back and was able to get away from him. She flagged down a passing motorist who drove her home and she notified police. The victim gave a detailed description of the man who attacked her.

Officers canvassed the area, located the suspect, and arrested him after he attempted to flee on foot. A large wooden block was found inside his bag. Amir Dontae Hopkins, 24, of Waldorf, was charged with attempted theft, attempted robbery, and assault.

On January 31, a judge ordered Hopkins be held at the detention center without bond. The investigation is ongoing.

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  1. I hope he gets to learn wrong from right and not to disrespect anyone else. Pay back can be not too understand. Her pie might have a lot of ingredients he don’t know about., lol.

  2. DO THEY EVER STOP??? Beat him with a heavy book bag, incarcerate him for 30 days then have him do community service for a month.

  3. “a judge ordered Hopkins be held at the detention center without bond”
    The jogger must’ve been a relative of the judge, otherwise ‘it’ would have walked free, very quickly.

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