Jamaal Khali Sterling
Sterling, Jamaal Khali

LA PLATA, Md. – On March 11 at 6:41 p.m., patrol officers initiated a traffic stop in the area of Charles Street and Church Street in La Plata.

Upon approaching the driver, the officer immediately observed a firearm on the dashboard. The driver, Jamaal Khali Sterling, 22, of Virginia, was arrested.

A loaded semi-automatic 9mm handgun and another firearm were recovered from the car. A loaded magazine and suspected marijuana were also located. A computer check revealed Sterling is prohibited from possessing a firearm due to a previous felony conviction.

Sterling was charged with illegal possession of a firearm, illegally transporting a firearm, driving on a revoked driver’s license, and other related charges.

On March 14, a judge ordered Sterling could be released from the detention center on a $20,000 bond. After paying 10% of the bond, Sterling was released.

The investigation into the recovered drugs is continuing.

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  1. Felon’s prohibited from owning firearms can keep one on the dash and one in the a** and get out of jail three days later. That aught to send a good message

  2. A “loaded semi-automatic 9mm handgun” and another firearm.

    We guess that “loaded semi-automatic 9mm handgun” is suppose to sound much scary than a “firearm”. Must be a “Gun Violence” thing.

    Judges need to serve prison time, every time one of THEIR thugs commit another crime.

  3. Not long ago, a few of the geniuses on here used to chastise me for pointing out who commits most of the heinous crimes in Charles County. After hundreds of these pictures, in just 2021, they’re now gone from this site and the rest of the “nay sayers” are silent…

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