Around noon on March 27, police and medics were called to the parking lot of Arby’s on Great Mills Road for a man complaining of injuries after being hit by a car.

The driver was making a right turn from the main road when the pedestrian crossed her path and was struck by the car as it began to move. The driver said she never saw the man and the first she knew was the thud on her hood. The driver and a witness acted out the position of the pedestrian on the hood of her Honda, both saying he had walked past at an angle and then turned to face the car face on.

“He didn’t fall or anything,” said the driver, “he just staggered back a little.” According to the witness the man walked several paces before being approached by a second man who asked if he was alright and offered to call police. At that point, according to the witness who was standing outside Arby’s, the man sat on the road and began to act injured. “He’s trying to scam her,” the witness told The Bay Net, “he just about threw himself on her car and walked off until someone suggested calling the police.”

The driver of the car was looking frustrated and fed up. “It’s just somebody trying to get some money!” she said.

The pedestrian was helped off with his sweater by medical staff who were particularly concerned with supporting his neck and head as they attached a neck-brace and carried him on a board from the place he sat at the edge of the road.