Maryland State Police

PIKESVILLE, Md. – Enforcement efforts throughout the Independence Day weekend led to the arrests of almost 100 people who are suspected of driving under the influence.   

From Friday, July 1st, through Monday, July 4th, police arrested 95 impaired drivers during regular road patrols throughout the state and a joint DUI saturation patrol focused on Route 50. 

The full-time drunk driving enforcement team of troopers known as the State Police Impaired Driving Reduction Effort, or S.P.I.D.R.E. team, funded by the Maryland Highway Safety Office also worked the initiative. 

Troopers worked saturation patrols on I-695 in Baltimore County, I-70 in Howard County and I-495 in Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties. In total, police issued 1,396 citations and warnings in these four counties during the initiative.  

Maryland State Police, with the assistance of the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) Police worked a joint DUI saturation patrol on Route 50 in Prince George’s, Anne Arundel, Queen Anne’s and Talbot Counties.

Together, they issued an additional 852 citations and warnings and arrested 14 suspected impaired drivers. 

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  1. Wow, I am glad that they were on the road to keep everyone safe. I appreciate everything that you all do. God Speed! Return to your family safe and sound and thank you!

  2. They should also be working the tunnels and bridges. I called in on an impaired driver, as we were going the same direction until they pull into a gas station. No one even showed up. I called before getting on the the Key Bridge and even after getting off of the Key Bridge, the MSP that took my call.

  3. Don’t worry, drunks. After the police do their job the state’s attorney will erase their hard work and give you a sweet deal, especially in St. Mary’s County.

  4. The left wants desperately to ban guns after a shooting so I’m surprised that they haven’t tried to ban alcohol and pot since they cause more damage than guns…

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