Police Search Warrants Uncover Drugs And Guns In Lexington Park

LEXINGTON PARK, Md. – On Thursday, May 25, 2023, the Criminal Investigations Division’s Vice Narcotics and Criminal Intelligence Units, in conjunction with the Emergency Services Team and supporting personnel, executed a series of search and seizure warrants at the 22000 block of Valley Estates Drive in Lexington Park.

During the execution of these warrants, Christopher Jujuan Commodore, age 24 of Lexington Park, was found in possession of a loaded Glock 23C semi-automatic handgun with an extended magazine, suspected oxycodone pills, suboxone strips and a large quantity of marijuana, each in quantities indicative of distribution. A search of the residence revealed a quantity of cocaine and related packaging materials indicative of distribution.

Christopher Jujuan Commodore
Christopher Jujuan Commodore

Also recovered from the residence was a loaded short-barreled AR-15, a loaded Taurus G3C semi-automatic handgun, two shotguns and multiple firearm magazines and ammunition including drum magazines and .556 caliber green tip ammunition. Rahjon Jordan Adams, age 23 of Lexington Park, and Commodore were arrested and transported to the St. Mary’s County Detention and Rehabilitation Center in Leonardtown where they were charged with multiple CDS distribution and firearms-related offenses.

Rahjon Jordan Adams
Rahjon Jordan Adams

Commodore was charged with CDS Possession with Intent to Distribute: Oxycodone; CDS Possession with Intent to Distribute: Buprenorphine; CDS Possession with Intent to Distribute: Cannabis; Disorderly Conduct; Firearm Possession – Felony Conviction; Illegal Possession of Ammo; Handgun on Person; CDS Possession: Firearms and CDS Possession with Intent to Distribute Narcotics.

Adams was charged with two counts of CDS Possession: Cocaine; CDS Possession with Intent to Distribute: Cocaine and Firearm/Drug Traffic Crime.

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  1. I have quite a few firearms and have been shooting since I was about 8. Been around them all my life yet none of my guns nor any of my friends guns remotely look like what they have. These guys wanted to cause carnage when they unholstered. Jeez, I bet a few Ukrainian squads aren’t as well equipped. Do a crime with a gun, 20 years with no parole, no plea bargaining. Oh and I don’t blame JB for this. I blame Congress not acting on anything to prevent military grade weapons systems getting into a civilians hands. These guys aren’t deer hunting.

    1. Military grade? Not quite.
      The problem is the judicial system, not Congress. The 2nd Amendment is quite adamant about weapons and their intended (if needed) use. People seem to think that the vast majority should be denied their rights because these criminals break the law and will continue to do so even after every law-abiding citizen has their firearms taken away.

    2. Its a AR-15 and a 12 guage…Both very common for civillian use. If thats what ukraine has then we really do need to pray for them.

  2. I’m sure each of the firearms were purchased legally. These drug dealers caught with illegal firearms should all be charged federally by ATF. ATF should also investigate where these guns are coming from and go after those distributing these weapons. Gun control is not the issue, it is criminal control.

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