Police Warning Of New Fentanyl-Laced Pills Circulating
Police Warning Of New Fentanyl-Laced Pills Circulating

LANDOVER, Md. – The Prince George’s County Police Department is issuing a warning to residents about fentanyl-laced pills, in particular these blue-toned pills with a distinct “M” emblem.

The PGPD has recently begun recovering these pills, several of which have now been tested and contain fentanyl.

Many users believe these pills are prescription painkillers. These pills are linked to multiple suspected overdoses, to include two fatal overdoses.

Toxicology tests are still pending on those cases but at this time, it is suspected that the victims died of fentanyl poisoning.

The PGPD urges all residents to avoid taking any medication not prescribed to them by a medical professional.

We strongly encourage all parents and guardians to immediately talk to their children about this danger.

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  1. Slo’ Joe’s favorite import, which he allows to flood across the Southern Border unchecked, just to honor his hero ‘Sleepy Felonious Fentanyl Floyd’.

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